EF College Break

I was so excited to take my first trip abroad, the process of applying for my passport was more than thrilling. After receiving my passport , I signed up for the first trip I could find around my spring break. The website that I choose to go through was EF college break. EF college break is a traveling service that is available to people between the ages of 18-28 and it provides the individuals with the flexibility of having a payment plan.  They also allows you the convince of choosing your preferred date and they even have trips available for you to book as late as a year or even last minute. With the entire price you pay you have the following services included (room and board, breakfast, airfare and a well dinner and farewell dinner, they also cover your transportation while sightseeing.)

So in March 2016; I boarded my flight from Dulles Airport and prepared to head to my first destination…. Amsterdam…Paris…London and Belgium… When I first arrived to Amsterdam it was extremely cold but one of the directors who would be accompanying my group on the tour was their to meet me with a few of the people from our group and we headed to our hotel (hostels)… I can say that out of 2/3 places we stayed in were hostels and oversea’s hostel’s are completely different from  our hostels. In my own opinion they are similar to 3 star hotels in the United States.  We had a itinerary which allowed each of us our own individual time to explore our locations and our tour director treated us as if we were adults. I remember us leaving the hostel late night and making it back on time and being able to enjoy the environment as an adult but to have a extra hand available should we need it. This was very important to  me being as though this was my first time going overseas..

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