Concrete Jungle

In New York !!!!, this concrete jungle where dreams are made of …. (in my Alicia Keys voice) … Sorry… I had to…My journey to New York was short and brief.


Waiting for the Ferry Ride and decided to capture the Brooklyn Bridge..

It was an amazing experience, I did take the Mega bus from Washington, DC to New York and I have to say the trip was short. I was able to get well rested and as soon as I hopped off the bus I hit the ground running. I was able to see the Empire State Building, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and visit the Statue of Liberty.

The hustle and bustle of this city is amazing. TV shows and movies doesn’t do this city justice; there is always something to do. It truly never sleeps, whether your just starting happy hour at midnight in the middle of Times Square or if you are still awaking at the wee hours of the morning and you want a burger and fries in Manhattan. This city has definitely made an impact on my life as I have managed to visit multiple times. With each return visit to New York it reminds me a lot of D.C., there has always been so much culture in New York but the gentrification that us growing with in the city makes the visit much more interesting.


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